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I have been extremely blessed to have met so many incredible people while working in this field. I'm grateful for all my past and current clients who have entrusted me with their projects. I've gathered below some of the testimonials my clients have been kind enough to write about their experience with me and my services.


Jay Louis
| Hip-Hop Artist |

Sterling was very proficient and patient with everything that I was asking from him in regards to my mixes. With his ability of understanding what I needed there was...


Steve K.
| Home Studio Owner |

I just found Sterling Skye Sound two months ago; to help me set up my home music studio. Sterling has given me technical/equipment advice, Pro Tools software and audio equipment training/setup, and...


Andrea W.
| Go For No! Course |

We needed to re-do the audios for an entire online course and needed someone who could help record and produce the whole thing. We’re so glad we found Sterling to work with us. He’s a true pro...


Kayley A.
| Voice Over Artist |

Sterling was awesome. He is very knowledgeable and did a wonderful job mastering my audio files! He stayed in great communication and completed everything I...

Shay Doran_edited.jpg

Shay Doran
| The Shay Show Podcast |

Sterling took the time to understand my needs & suggested improvements too. He has delivered at high quality & fast paced work from day one without compromise. I've been...


Dr. Shana Henry
| The Principals
of Success Podcast |

Sterling was fantastic. Professional and very skilled in editing my podcast. Communicated often.

Jake R_

Jake "Raynman"
| Hip-Hop Artist |

Sterling mixed the song “What” on my latest album King of Hearts, and he couldn’t have been more professional, from the quality of the...

Colin R.jpeg

Colin R.
| Courageous Presenters Podcast |

Truly phenomenal work from Sterling. He was prompt, thoughtful, engaged, and collaborative every step of the way.


Ricky M.
| Hip-Hop Artist |

Great communication, on time delivery. Sterling did an amazing job mixing and mastering our song. Thanks bro!

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